Throughout my time at the University of Georgia, I changed my major several times. However, when I heard about the New Media Certificate, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I have always loved technology and trying new things in the area of media and production. Each course I have taken in the New Media Institute has introduced me to a community within the university and Grady college with which I can connect and network. Academically, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the basics of web development and building websites using new skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress. I have also been given the opportunity to hear from speakers, many of which are NMI Alumni, who are currently working in a media-based field. This has allowed me to consider new career paths and better understand what it looks like to work in the media industry. I have truly enjoyed being involved in the New Media Institute, and I look forward to continue growing in the world of technology and media.

New Media Courses