The New Media Industries course provided a very unique experience as I had the privilege of hearing from a different speaker in a media-related field each week. In fact, many of these speakers were once students at the University of Georgia and in the New Media Institute. These speakers’ professions ranged from working for large companies like Delta to freelance video creators. I thoroughly enjoyed learning what it looks like to work in this industry professionally, and it has allowed me to better understand my own future and potential career paths in which I could see myself.

This course has also given me the opportunity to learn how to be successful in a professional work environment through the Professional Development assignments. I have learned about finding my professional purpose in life from different TED speakers, potential career paths for myself through the TypeFocus Assessment, and the practical uses and workings of Google Analytics. Each of these assignments has allowed me to grow in a wide variety of areas and helped me feel even more prepared for life following college.